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CMS Solutions

Making content changes on your website should be a hassle. That's why our websites are built on top of a robust content management system. If you are familiar with word processing software, you can simply and easily add images and edit text on your website the way it was meant to be.

Dotfusion prides itself on having the world easiest and most users friendly self managed website content management system. All websites designed by us are supplied with our own in-house developed content management system.

Update your website Anywhere, Anytime :

Owning your own website, should give you the power to manage and make changes any time you please. We at Dream Consultancy agree. Once we have launched your website, you will be able to log in securely from any Internet connection and edit content instantly; no delays waiting for a webmaster to make the changes for you.

Easy to Use, Ready to Scale :

Hiring a programmer who charges by the hour to maintain a website is an expensive endeavour. With a content management system, it is not needed because most businesses find a CMS is so easy to use.

CMS works through your web browser which allows you to manage and control your website content. You can add and update documents, text and image files all without having any technical coding knowledge. CMS works in much the same way as MS Word, so you or your staff can make changes and update content simply, easily and as frequently as you want.

Our Content Management System is built to scale; making it easy to grow your website at any time without a major overhaul.